Monday, 31 October 2016

end of diploma session huhu.

Hi, tahu tak. aku malas juga nak update blog sebenarnya, sbb malas nak bukak laptop actually. tapi.. nak update pasal habis diploma punya pasal, aku sanggup. hahaha. well, yesss, you already know the reason why i update my blog right now. sbb i dah habis diploma. yessss. hurm. mesti ada org akan ckp "eee perlu ke nk bgtahuuu" "diploma je pun linda" "eleh, mcm dia sorg je yg dah habis diploma".

So ! you should read my long essay here right now. *not so long actually*. the reason why i megah2 sngt nak update yg i dah hbis diploma becauseeeeee, aku study hard gila2 mcm nak mati haaaa. just because of my parentsss and they motivate me to get dean list for every sem, but unfortunately rezeki takde nak anc. huhu. and ! mst ada jugak yg ckp "eleh, mcm aku study bukan utk parents aku" "mcm dia sorg je yg study hard" wait ! you dont know me yet please dont judge me. all my friends keep saying that "linda, kalau aku study mcm hang aku bleh mati sumpah." "lindaaaa, awal gila bapak study chill laaa." "lindaaaa, 24 jam ke study?" haaahahahaha. 
to be honest, ive tried to study smart and i've tried to study hard. the differences between that smart and hard is (industrial relation PAD368 Smart: 4/10 _ Hard: 6.4/10) soooooo? what should i choose first? hard isnt? thats why, i never know the actual part which i can choose for to be a smart person so i rather choose to be hard than smart. no no, no need to help. i think one day, i could find the better way.. well im still young, hahaha *not so young 20 dah kot.* 

so, siapa2 je yg kenal aku dkt uitm tuu, take care, wish you all the best and good luck as you all move to the next stage of life. without a doubt, you all will continue to have success in all areas. ha ! you know, during study, i always stick with this quote *study hard and you will be rewarded* :)